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The finest rural and industrial furniture collection. Consisting of sturdy sofas, corner sofas, modern armchairs, dining chairs and trendy oak furniture.

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Great to have you on our website! We will briefly introduce ourselves below.

Room108, who are we?

Room108 has an extensive collection of trendy and modern furniture consisting of sofas, corner sofas, tables, chairs and various other types of furniture.

We distinguish ourselves from all other suppliers in the furnitury industry by the freedom you have as a customer to configure your ideal Room108 furniture.

Create your own lifestyle!

Room108, why?

We excel in variations and possibilities. Our collection of fabrics alone consists of more than 700 different colors, divided into 6 different price groups. Besides that we have a large and versatile leather collection with the most diverse types of leather, from modern to vintage.

De possibilities with our sofas and corner sofas are almost endless. Most models can be configured by yourself, with a large amount of available elements. A special size is almost common to us.

Room108 furniture

Room108 furniture can sometimes be characterized as rural, but also as modern and industrial. 

We often use special combinations like metal and solid oak, which is combined in trendy designs.

With this website we want to make a good first impression of who we are and what we make. We can imagine that a picture on the internet is not enough and that you would like to try a sofa or corner sofa before you decide to place an order. In addition to our own brand store in Eindhoven, we also have a number of sales locations at renowned retailers. These can be found throughout the Netherlands, but also in Belgium and Germany.

There’s always a Room108 sales location nearby!

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