The price structure of the furniture fabrics by Room108.

Our upholstered furniture such as our sofas, corner sofas and dining chairs are available in more than 700 different fabrics.

Fabric categories

Each fabric has its own price, which is often expressed as a price per metre (generally 140 cm wide). To avoid having to work with 700 different prices, we have subdivided these fabrics into six price categories, from fabric category A to fabric category F.

In category A you will find the cheapest fabrics and in category F the most expensive.

This requires some clarification. It is often assumed that cheap equals bad and expensive equals good. This is not always the case.

Our classification

All our fabrics have been tested for abrasion resistance and all of them easily withstood this test. In many cases, the abrasion resistance depends on the yarn used to weave the fabric. Synthetic fabrics are by far the strongest, and the natural fibres such as cotton and linen are weaker. This is where we encounter the biggest contradiction: the synthetic fabrics are actually the cheapest and the natural fabrics the most expensive…

A cheap(er) fabric is a fabric produced from low-cost raw material (for example, polyester) and one that is simple to manufacture. These fabrics are predominantly found in the lower price categories, A and B.

Fabrics composed of more expensive raw materials and those requiring labour-intensive production are classified within the higher price categories. This extra attention/ processing does not, therefore, always lead to stronger fabrics, but it does result in beautiful materials with a luxurious look. These fabrics are primarily found in categories E and F.

The remaining fabrics are those in categories C and D. This is a combination of the above-mentioned classification. These categories mainly contain the more deluxe polyester fabrics and the cheaper natural materials.

‘Prices from’

On this website it is virtually impossible to mention all the fabrics we have to offer. Therefore, online we apply so-called ‘prices from’. These are the prices at which the configuration shown/ described is available in fabric category A.

In short, we can say that the larger the sofa, the greater the number of metres of fabric required. For a large sofa requiring more metres, the additional charge for a more expensive fabric will therefore be higher than for a smaller sofa or armchair. Or in other words, the difference in price between fabric category A and fabric category F will be much smaller for a dining chair than for a very large corner sofa.

Create a corner sofa yourself

A Room108 corner sofa can be composed entirely according to your wishes. Almost every model of corner sofa has a large number of elements that you can combine together yourself. Fully tailored to the dimensions and layout of your living room!

The fabric collection for the Room108 corner sofas is vast, comprising more than 700 different fabrics. Our leather collection, likewise, is extremely broad and consists of a wide range of leather types in a diversity of colours. These collections are too large to show in their entirety on this website. Every Room108 retail outlet has samples of all these different materials and will be more than happy to assist you in your choice.