Elena leather corner sofa

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The Elena corner sofa is a modern leather corner sofa with a rural look and feel.

This lounge sofa is available in various types of leather and various colours. In addition, there are various ways of highlighting the stitching or making it less noticeable, depending on your preference.

The Elena sofa is available in various dimensions and versions. We’ve made it easy for you by including some standard versions: Medium, Large and Extra Large. Of course, many more options are available…

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Elena leather corner sofa

The Elena leather corner sofa is also a good leather corner sofa for people who do not like leather. This leather lounge sofa differs completely from anything you would think of when it comes to leather corner sofas. The Elena leather corner sofa is a model sofa that you normally only find in cotton and linen fabrics — but we’re now making it in a number of exclusive leather types.

This leather corner sofa is available in a beautiful sleek covered leather in various colours and thicknesses, as well as in natural leather types with an open structure, with or without a hand-applied wax layer. Since all of these types of leather have their own price tag, the final price depends on the type of leather you choose.

The Elena leather corner sofa is available in the following standard versions:

  • Elena leather corner sofa, 304 x 175cm: from €2495
  • Elena leather L corner sofa, 324 x 175cm: from €2645
  • Elena leather XL corner sofa, 344 x 175cm: from €2795

A fabric or leather Elena corner sofa?

Love the model, but really don’t like leather corner sofas? No problem! It’s with all our love and pleasure that we supply this beautiful corner sofa in every fabric from Room108’s fabric collection. With Room108’s fabrics collection, we say that almost anything is possible in the field of fabrics. We have ‘cheap’ and very solid synthetic fabrics, as well as luxury materials such as Italian cotton and linen woven from the finest yarns.

*The price displayed applies to the Elena M corner sofa in leather category 1. The price of the sofa in the picture shown may be higher than the starting price displayed. The sofa in the photo may be in a higher fabric/leather category.Read more about the price structure of fabric and leather types here.


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