Elena Custom corner sofa

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The Elena Custom is a rural corner sofa with wonderfully soft seat and back cushions.

This sofa is available in over 700 different fabrics, as well as leather.

Since this corner sofa is made up of elements, you can put it together yourself and match it to your own home.

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Elena Custom corner sofa

The Elena Custom corner sofa is a large corner sofa available in both fabric and leather. The Custom configuration appears for various models in the Room108 collection and has been developed for larger living rooms, accommodating larger families.

The Elena is filled with lovely, soft filling, with the top layer comprising synthetic wadding reinforced with silicone fibres. This corner suite therefore has a wonderful level of comfort, perfect for a nice lie down or a relaxed evening chilling on the sofa. Sitting in an upright position is also no problem, since the lumbar cushions included provide good support for the bottom of the back.

The Elena Custom corner sofa is available in the following standard versions:

  • Elena Custom M corner sofa, 293 x 290cm: from €2099
  • Elena Custom L corner sofa, 313 x 300cm: from €2179
  • Elena Custom XL corner sofa, 333 x 310cm: from €2319

Fancy an Elena corner sofa in different dimensions? Room108 Elena Custom corner sofa

The dimensions specified above are just a few examples. The entire Elena collection consists of 32 different elements, all of which can be combined with each other. This means you can put together you own suite or corner sofa just as you would like it. All combinations are possible, from a one-seater loveseat to a large U-shaped sofa. The Elena Custom corner sofa comprises four elements, and this configuration can also be found in a number of our stores. (To be on the safe side, contact the dealer before going to have a look in order to avoid disappointment.)

Although the filling of the Elena Custom corner sofa is of good quality and put together with the greatest care, you are advised to give the seat and back cushions a good shake from time to time. Shaking up the cushions prevents them from getting misshapen and extends the life of your Elena Custom corner sofa.

*The price displayed applies to the Elena Custom M corner sofa in fabric category 1. The price of the sofa in the picture shown may be higher than the starting price displayed. The sofa in the photo may be in a higher fabric/leather category.Read more about the price structure of fabric and leather types here.


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