Clarisse sofa

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Clarisse suite with an extremely comfortable seat. The ability to sit comfortably was the key factor in this rural sofa’s design.

A Clarisse model sofa has a place in every home, in either a modern or rural interior. Clarisse is a chameleon-like three-and-half-seater sofa. The Clarisse sofa can adapt to any living situation.

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Clarisse sofa

The Clarisse sofa ensures that after a long day of work or study, you can relax in comfort on your own sofa. Unwind on the sofa you have assembled yourself.

Putting together the Clarisse sofa is a breeze. With the options we have to offer you, designing your personal Clarisse sofa is a piece of cake. Different widths, colours, fabrics, armrests and so on — it’s all available. There are more than enough ingredients with which you can build the ideal sofa.

Solid materials are used for the production of the Clarisse sofa, and every sofa is carefully hand-built in a European furniture factory. Every sofa by Room108 is a beautiful product with the right look and feel and for a very attractive price. The price and quality of this three-and-half-seater are in great proportion and also form the basis of this beautiful rural Clarisse sofa.

The Clarisse model sofas are available in the following versions and dimensions:

  • 2-seater Clarisse sofa, 180 x 100cm, from €529
  • 2.5-seater Clarisse sofa, 200 x 100cm, from €569
  • 3-seater Clarisse sofa, 220 x 100cm, from €619
  • 3.5-seater Clarisse sofa, 240 x 100cm, from €669
  • 4-seater Clarisse sofa, 260 x 100cm, from €719
  • 4.5-seater Clarisse sofa, 280 x 100cm, from €749

*The price displayed applies to the two-seater Clarisse sofa in fabric category 1. The price of the Clarisse sofa in the picture shown may be higher than the starting price displayed. The sofa in the photo may be in a higher fabric/leather category. Read more about the price structure of fabric and leather types here.


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