BIG Tree, wooden cross leg (4cm thick)

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Solid oak table with wooden cross leg.

This rustic wood slab table is available in various colours and with various bases in both wood and metal. The legs are also available in various colours.

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Wood slab table with a unique, natural look and feel. This solid oak dining table is finished on both sides with side panels that add to this table’s unique look and feel.

A wood slab table like this represents a pure slice of nature. Traces of a lifetime of exposure to the elements are accentuated in this table, rather than hidden. Cracks and grooves are highlighted instead of hidden under a coat of filler or varnish.

The wooden cross legs and tabletops are available in various colours. The table and leg can therefore be ordered in the same colour or in contrasting colours. (Hint: a dark grey leg on one of the greyish wood colours is a very nice combination!)

This oak wood slab table with a wooden cross leg is available in the following standard dimensions:

180 x 90 x 4cm from                            €1135
200 x 100 x 4cm: from                        €1195
220 x 100 x 4cm: from                        €1235
240 x 100 x 4cm: from                        €1275
260 x 100 x 4cm: from                        €1315
280 x 100 x 4cm: from                        €1355

This is a rustic oak table with features shaped by nature. The amount of cracks, grooves and colour nuances may vary from table to table.

 The unfinished tables are not treated – it is natural oak. You can choose to keep your table pure and natural or to have it treated with oil or varnish. The coloured tables are varnished and therefore have optimum protection against external moisture and dirt.


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