Room108 consists of a young group of enthusiastic furniture entrepreneurs who are passionate about furniture. We hope we convey this enthusiasm and our love of beautiful furniture via this website.
We pay a great deal of attention to our models and their presentation. In doing so, we hope to inspire you and to encourage you to visit one of our Room108 retail outlets.

Why Room108?

Our objective is to produce beautiful furniture than fits seamlessly with the latest home trends. We create this furniture with passion and love for the craft.
Creating fabulous furniture is one thing… This isn’t such a huge challenge; when passion and craftsmanship unite, it’s actually quite easy!
Room108 wants to achieve the above objective with affordable prices, to make our collection accessible to an extremely broad target group.
Therefore, the models in the Room108 collection often have a great starting price. This price is exceptionally competitive, especially when compared with other brands.
From this starting price there are countless options. For instance, if you look at the Room108 upholstered furniture such as sofas and corner sofas, there are often hundreds of options available in both fabric and leather. Inexpensive basic fabrics made from strong polyester yarn can be found in the lower price categories, but if desired you can also have the sofa upholstered in a stunning, deluxe cotton or Italian linen. The latter option comes at an additional cost, according to the type of fabric or leather. Read more here about our price structure for different types of fabric and leather.

Room108 sterk als merk

A strong brand

Where in the early years Room108 created a name for itself as a sofa brand, in recent years the collection has greatly diversified. Today’s Room108 is far more than purely a sofa brand. Nowadays, Room108 is a full-range supplier, a furniture brand with a complete and broad collection.
In the last few years, this collection has grown to include tables, chairs, armchairs and solid oak furniture. And all this of course combined with a multitude of options and possibilities that you as the customer can choose yourself.

As we wrote previously: “create your own lifestyle”….

Room108 everywhere

The growth of the collection and the objective that Room108 should be accessible to a wide range of people also comes, of course, with a network of retail outlets distributed throughout the Netherlands and also in Belgium.

On this website you will find an overview of all the stores that offer the Room108 collection. There is always at least one in the neighbourhood.